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Genting Poker Series: Satellites

This weekend, our card room will turn its focus back to the GPS, with a money saving GPS Satellite event on Saturday evening.


The Satellites will kick off on Saturday, at 5.00pm, 5th of April. The event, will have 2 GPS seats guaranteed for an event of your choosing in 2014, with an entry fee of £30 and a £3 registration fee. Remember entry into a GPS event would normally cost over £400, play with us and you could qualify for less than 10% of the normal cost!


For any other questions, please speak to a member of the card room team. You can also follow updates for our next GPS Satellite by clicking here and joining the event on Facebook.


£10,000 Final Table League X


The Final Table Playoff League X is now underway, with qualification open until Sunday 20th of April. To qualify, all you have to do, is make the final table of any of our regular poker games. Every time you reach the final table, you will earn 2,000 pts for the playoff. The £10,000 Guaranteed playoff takes place on Saturday 26th of April. 


The playoff final will have a 5.00pm kick off, with late entry available until 6.00pm. All players must have taken there seats by 6.00pm, or they will not be allowed to play, and their chips will be removed. Registration opens for this game at 4.00pm, and we encourage players to come in as early as possible so we can set up for the event, and start on time.


On the day there will be add-ons available to those who have qualified. £10 will give you an additional 5,000 points, and £20 will give you a further 10,000 points. The maximum spend allowed on the day is £30, for 15,000 chips, on top of whatever you qualify with. Be sure not to miss out, what is always a great game!


Genting Poker Series 2014

£22,000 – 50 Seats Guaranteed – Genting Poker Series 2014 Super Satellite Week 7th – 13th April. Click here for more information.

For more details of our forthcoming Poker tour please click the link below:


Genting Rewards Poker


When you play either Tournament Poker or Cash Games, you can now earn Genting Reward Points. Its simple, just hand over your Genting Reward Card and watch the points stack up. So why play anywhere else? Make the Genting Reward system work for you with reward points every time you play!


Poker Tournaments

Date Name Start Time Game Type Type Buy In Chips Guarantee/Added
Wednesday 16th April Wednesday £1,500 Guaranteed £25 Freezeout 20:00 NL Hold 'Em Freezeout £25+ £3 20000 £1500 Guaranteed.
Thursday 17th April Thursday £2,500 Guaranteed £25 Freezeout 20:00 NL Hold 'Em Freezeout £25+ £3 20000 £2500 Guaranteed.
Friday 18th April Friday £2,500 Guaranteed £25+£10 Add-on 20:00 NL Hold 'Em Freezeout £25+ £3 15000 £2500 Guaranteed.
Saturday 19th April Saturday £1,000 Guaranteed £20 Freezeout 20:00 NL Hold 'Em Freezeout £20+ £3 20000 £1000 Guaranteed.
Sunday 20th April Sunday £1,500 Guaranteed £25 Freezeout 15:00 NL Hold 'Em Freezeout £25+ £3 20000 £1500 Guaranteed.
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For further information please visit

All games are subject to a £3 Registration Fee & £2 Final Table League Fee Applies to all Games.

Late entries are available up to 2 hours from the tournament start time. Re-entry available on all games. Dealers are provided for Final Table.

Early bonus if registered 15 minutes prior to start time. Schedule subject to change at any time without notice. Terms and conditions apply

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