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Regular Poker


At Genting Club Star City we already have one of the largest and well equipped Card Rooms in the Midlands but for us, that simply isn't enough.

If you haven't played in our Card Room for a while you may be surprised at some of the changes happening. If you have then you'll be aware that we are doing all we can to promote poker in the Midlands.

Here's just a few of the changes you can expect to see in your Genting Club Star City Card Room

Of course to raise the experience you need to raise the standards so our dealers have all been re-trained, refreshed and are ready for your custom.

So come and see us at Genting Club Star City and enjoy your new Card Room. For further information please speak to our friendly dealers or Card Room


It’s all happening at Genting Club Star City with our new Cardroom offering.


Tournament Players


Genting TEAM PRO pounds to be won every day at Genting Club Star City


How do I qualify?

Each day the guaranteed prize pools of £1,000 will include £100 in Genting Team Pro pounds. Where the guarantee is £2,000 then this would include 2 x £100 prizes on Team pro pounds.


How do I win them?

The prize pool will be distributed as normal minus the £100 (or whichever advertised for that competition) as normal with the £100 Team pro pounds going to the winner. If a deal is negotiated this can be awarded to another player during the deal making process. If not, the winner will receive the token.


Where can you spend the pounds?

Players will be able to use the points to enter any Genting Poker Series events including main event and side events. Players will also be able to book their accommodation through our official travel partner “Main Event Travel”


When do I have to spend the TEAM PRO pounds?

The TEAM PRO pounds won will be held on deposit at Genting Club Star City. Once you have earned enough to play the event of your choice, or more, and wishes to use the TEAM PRO pounds, all they have to do is contact the poker manager (at least 7 days before the event) to enter your chosen events. Once this is done and email will be required to officially confirm the entry which will be then forwarded to the Genting Poker Series support team. TEAM PRO pounds won will have no expiry date and can be used or rolled over to any GPS events throughout the year. If need be they can also be rolled over to the following year.


What if I don’t have enough?

Players are able to add their own cash to any amount of team pro pounds won to play any genting Poker Series event.


Do I have to use them as Team pro pounds?

Players who do not wish to take part in the genting Poker Series can use their Team Pro pound to play any featured event at their local club. Players will need to enquire what events are available and give 7 days’ notice to the poker manager if they are planning on playing the event.


Genting Team Pro

Terms & Conditions


  1. This promotion is available to all players of Casino Cash Games in Genting Clubs/Casinos that participate in the promotion

  2. Players not wishing to participate must make the supervisor aware and all points will be void

  3. These points are non-transferable .Any player who wins a point and then hands over that point to another player will be warned and then removed from the game if they persist.

  4. During each  Gaming Day the venue will run a Cash Game League

  5. Gaming Day refers to the 24 hour period commencing 6am and ceasing at 5.59am.

  6. Any hand that commences prior to 6am will count towards that days League

  7. Commences refers to the first card dealt on both hand dealt and automated shuffle dealt games.

  8. Players will be awarded a point when they win a raked cash game hand during the prescribed hours

  9. At the end of each prescribed time period  (6am to 5.59am) these points will be totalled and placed into a League format

  10. The top  player in this daily  League will each receive £100 in value of Genting Team Pro Pounds

  11. The result of the daily league will be displayed in the Cardroom at the end of the business day.

  12. In the event of more than one player qualifying for the Genting Team Pro pounds then the £100 prize will be split equally between the winners.

  13. Each of the Genting Poker Team Pro pounds will have a currency value of £1

  14. Any Genting Team Pro Pounds won can be added too with cash to purchase a seat into any Genting Poker Series tournament.

  15. Players who receive these prizes will receive a receipt from the cash desk on their next visit and the funds will be held on deposit by the Casino.

  16. These pounds can then be used to purchase a seat at a GPS event and this will consist of £400 towards the prize fund and £40 registration fee

  17. Any pounds won are non-transferable

  18. A balance of players Genting Team Pro funds will be displayed in the Cardroom and will be updated every Monday by 4pm.

  19. The Company will keep a record of these “pounds” but it is the players responsibility to check the website and to keep accurate records of their balance

  20. All “pounds” won will be held by Genting.

  21. In the event of a dispute the Company will investigate and make a decision based upon the facts uncovered however it is the player’s responsibility to ensure that they retain receipts for all Genting Team Pro funds earned.

  22. Any player who participates in the Genting Team Pro League agrees to abide by the terms and conditions for publicity and these are you agree:

  • To your details being printed on the leader board

  • Any publicity through interviews/videos/picture images of yourself to be used by Genting to promote the event

  • Agree to assist in any commentary requests for the GPS Main Event

  1. Players who enter the Genting Poker Series Main Event using Genting pounds automatically become recognised as Genting Team Pro’s and as such agree to wear any promotional badges etc. required by that role

  2. To “spend” their Genting Team Pro pounds players must inform their respective card room supervisor/manager seven days prior to date of the event. As part of this process they must provide an e-mail address so that a confirmation e-mail can be sent to the player and this will act as a receipt for entry and must be presented at the registration desk for the event.

  3. The Cardroom Supervisor/Manager must also e-mail the nominated organiser to inform them of the players intentions

  4. In the event that no e-mail request is received from the player said player will be allowed entry into the Genting Poker Series Main Event on the day of play provided:

  • They have full ID for their membership and/or a credit profile on our computer systems

  • They have sufficient Genting pounds to purchase a seat

  • The event is not fully booked

  1. The Company accepts no liability for failure of receipt of any e-mails requesting entry into a Genting Poker Series Main Event but will make every effort to get that player into the tournament.

  2. Players who purchase a seat in the Genting Poker Series Main Event can then use any further pounds remaining to purchase seats in the side events at the same leg; these purchases can be part Genting pounds part cash.

  3. Only players who purchase their seat in the Main Event with Genting pounds will be eligible to wear a Genting Team Pro badge.

  4. Only players who have purchased a Main Event seat at the Genting Poker Series will be permitted to add to their existing Genting pounds to purchase side event seats for any event and future Main Event seats.

  5. Genting will also permit spend of Genting Team Pro pounds for the purchase of hotel rooms however this must be booked through our accommodation provider Main event

  6. All hotel accommodation booked must be paid in full in Genting Team Pro pounds.

  7. Any player who has his membership suspended will forfeit his “Genting Pounds” and will not be eligible to participate in the promotion

  8. Genting Pounds are valid for a period of 5 years.

  9. Venues have the option to add in other promotional offers to this promotion such as Bad Beat jackpots and agree to prominent display a piece of POS in the card room to inform players

  10. The Management reserve the right to adjust/cancel this promotion at any time.

  11. In the event of cancellation all player balances will be paid out in cash at the value prescribed in the terms and conditions.

  12. The Managements decision is final.

Poker Tournaments.

Date Name Start Time Game Type Type Buy In Chips Guarantee/Added
Wednesday 27th May CASH GAME TOURNAMENT £750 ADDED!!!!! 19:00 NL Hold 'Em Rebuy £10+ £0 0 -
Thursday 28th May Hyper Stack 20:30 NL Hold 'Em Freezeout £20+ £5 80000 £1850 Guaranteed.
Guarantee consists of £1'650 cash + 2 x £100 Team Pro Credits. Progressive guarantee goes up by £100 the following week if it's made
Friday 29th May #MidlandsSuperFifty Day 1A 20:00 NL Hold 'Em Freezeout £50+ £0 20000 £5000 Guaranteed.
GTE consists of £4,500 in cash + 5 x £100 Team Pro Credits
Saturday 30th May Saturday Night Top Up 20:00 NL Hold 'Em Freezeout £20+ £5 12000 £1700 Guaranteed.
guarantee consists of £1'500 cash + 2 x £100 Team Pro Credits. Progressive GTE goes up by £100 the following week if made.
Saturday 30th May #MidlandsSuperFifty Day 1B 13:00 NL Hold 'Em Freezeout £50+ £0 20000 £5000 Guaranteed.
GTE consists of £4'500 in cash + 5 x £100 Team Pro Credits
Sunday 31st May #MidlandsSuperFifty Day 2 13:00 NL Hold 'Em Freezeout £50+ £0 20000 £5000 Guaranteed.
GTE consists of £4'500 in cash + 5 x £100 Team Pro Credits
Sunday 31st May Sunday Mega Stack 16:30 NL Hold 'Em Freezeout £30+ £5 40000 £2300 Guaranteed.
Progressive guarantee goes up by £100 the following week if made. 2 x £100 gps credit included in the guarantee.
Monday 1st June THE ELIMINATOR (bounty) 20:30 NL Hold 'Em Freezeout £20+ £5 15000 £1000 Guaranteed.
£20+£5+£5 bounty receive £5 for every player you Eliminate
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