Covid-19 Risk Assessment

COVID 19 Risk Assessment Summary

  • We have completed new risk assessments in all our casinos based on updated Government Guidance
  • These have been shared with all our colleagues
  • A comprehensive staff training programme is in place to ensure continued awareness of COVID 19, social distancing and hygiene awareness
  • We have self-isolation processes in place which are ready to be acted upon if necessary in all our casinos and offices
  • Our air conditioning systems continue to be serviced on a regular basis and are operational
  • We will continue to use sophisticated technology to ensure our records are available for Track and Trace purposes should they be required (whilst strictly adhering to GDPR at all times)
  • Hand sanitising equipment will remain in place to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness at all times
  • Enhanced cleaning regimes will remain in place throughout our premises
  • Relevant COVID signage is in place throughout our venues to remind customers about social distancing and hand washing
  • Screens will remain in place between the vast majority of our electronic gaming machines