Exclusive Rewards For All Genting Members

Exclusive Rewards For All Genting Members

We value our customers and appreciate the time you spend with us, which is why we are so passionate about rewarding your loyalty and giving you something back. The Genting Rewards programme allows you to collect, spend and access all that Genting has to offer. Once signed up to Genting Rewards you’ll receive points every time you eat in our restaurants, buy a drink from the bar or play any of our casino games. These Genting Reward points now provide more benefits than ever, including more off your food or drinks bill, more spins on the slots, more cards on the table and even more offers in casino and online.


The system is easy. Each time you visit us here at Genting and present your rewards card you’ll receive exclusive points. Simply ensure you handover your reward card when purchasing drinks at the bar, when paying your food bill, or each time your buy more chips at a table. If you’re playing on one of our slots or electronic roulette machines, just insert your card into the machine when you start playing.


Each point you earn is equivalent to 1p and can be redeemed against food and drink or credit to continue playing. Just present your Genting Rewards card to a member of staff when you come to pay - you can even pay part of the bill with points and the rest with cash.

To spend your points on the table, insert your card into our Rewards Kiosk, select the ‘Spend Your Points’ button located at the bottom of the screen, then choose the amount you would like to redeem your Genting points for, then collect your printed voucher and play! When using your points on our machines, simply insert your card into the machine of your choice to convert your points into credits.


With your Genting Rewards card you will also be able to check out all the latest exclusive offers on our kiosks in casino. Here you will able to choose whether you spend your points on bets, gifts or even vouchers. Just insert your card and select ‘Spend Your Points’ and follow the available steps.

All you need to do now is visit your local club and ask reception to join.

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