How to Win the Genting 150

How to Win the Genting 150

With this weekend seeing the return of the Genting 150, players from across the capital will be playing the popular tournament at London’s Genting Cromwell Mint casino in South Kensington. Costing £150 + 15 to enter, the action kicks off on Friday for Day 1a, continues on Saturday for Day 1b and concludes with Sunday’s final, where the winner will walk away with thousands of pounds!

Sounds great, doesn’t it? How can you put yourself in the best position to win the top prize and title of Genting 150 Champion? We’ve come up with plenty of ways you can improve your chances while having the weekend of your life!

Early Tactics

Starting with a 25,000 stack of chips and 30-minute blinds gives you a great platform for steady, solid progress. To paraphrase every football pundit ever, you can’t win the Genting 150 in the first few levels, but you can definitely lose it!

Don’t go too crazy in the first few levels where pots are likely to be smaller and players are less likely to call off their stack unless they have the nuts, because if they do, you can suffer the consequences! Tournament poker is all about making the right move at the right time, and it’s unlikely that ‘all-in and a call’ should be heard before you have less than 50 big blinds. Players are not going to be calling big raises with weaker holdings unless they would call any raise with any two cards.

Genting 150

Eyes and Ears

Instead of throwing your chips away in the early stages, get used to your table. With late registration open for two hours after the tournament starts, it’s far more likely that your table will fill up than be broken and you are moved. That gives you the perfect opportunity to get to know your tablemates. Of course that means working out which ones are passive, loose, tight or aggressive. But it also means getting to know them. Poker is a social game and if you’re going to be sat next to these guys and girls all day, why not get to know them? Not only will it make it easier for you to understand their character and poker game, but it’ll mean everyone has a great time, win or lose!

Don’t Be Afraid

Just as poker is a great way to make friends, poker tournaments are a great way of figuring out if you have what it takes to succeed. Mix up your game and resist behaving as you might always have done so at your home game or in pub games. If it’s your first time playing the Genting 150 and no-one knows you, no-one knows whether you pay tight or loose, attacking or reactive. Give yourself the chance to try a few different things, especially in the earlier part of Day 1 where there shouldn’t be dire consequences if you get things wrong. No-one who won a poker tournament ever did so without losing a pot, being bluffed or folding when it was right to call. Nobody, repeat, nobody plays perfect poker, so allow yourself to make mistakes and continue developing your game at the wallet-friendly buy-in of £150+15.

Make Day 2

Sounds simple when we put it like that, doesn’t it?! Well, it needn’t be awfully difficult. Providing you stay focused, calm and observant, you will have a GREAT chance of coming back on finals day, where anything can happen. Speaking from experience, we’ve come into Day 2 of a £150 tournament with 15 big blinds and a dream and walked away £3,000 better off. But no-one can win if they don’t escape Day 1 with a chip-stack.

Each Day 1 of the Genting 150 has 12 x 30-minute levels, giving you plenty of time to make your move and find some hands with whichever hole-cards you like. Given that you should see pocket aces every 220 hand and each hour at the felt should yield 30-40 hands, you’ll probably have the chance to take your pick!

Brave the Bubble

When the money ‘bubble’ bursts on Day 2, you’ll be near the nitty-gritty of trying to make the final table. But your immediate focus shouldn’t be on beating the bubble or being one of the nine players who’ll make each monthly Genting 150 final table. Focus on accumulating chips and play each hand as a separate chance to win more chips and figure out your opponents. You’ll have less big blinds on Day 2 to work out your opponent as the average stack creeps down towards twenty big blinds each, so utilise the additional time per level (they go from 30 minutes to 40 minutes on Day 2) and plot your course through each individual pot.

Play to Win

Once you’ve made the money and made the final table, history teaches you that all your thoughts should be about making the ultimate leap – taking down the tournament and winning the biggest amount of money on offer, anywhere between £3,000-£8,000, depending on how busy each month gets! That’s a great return for £165 (even better for the players who qualified in each month’s ‘Tuesday Satellite’ which takes place on the final Tuesday before the tournament proper) so use your common sense to negotiate pay jumps sensibly. Should you find yourself down to the last few players, or even battling heads-up for the title, information on players is key. Make mental notes of how each person plays and use people’s strengths and weaknesses against them. This can mean avoiding a damaging confrontation with the chip leader or making sure you pressure the small stack regardless of your holding.

Above all, the Genting 150 isn’t solely about success, however, but FUN! Have a great time playing at this month’s tourney and we look forward to putting your name up in lights when you win!

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