Leap Year Couple Dealt a Good Hand

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Leap Year Couple Dealt a Good Hand

Sarah Anne Branter and Mark Ranson are celebrating after Sarah Anne took the opportunity of the leap year tradition by proposing to her partner during a poker tournament at Genting Club Star City.

The couple, who are from East Sussex and Oxfordshire and have been together for 5 months and have been playing poker for as long as they can remember.  Sarah Anne said ‘As it’s a leap year, I thought I’d take matters into my own hands and ask Ranny (Mark’s nickname) to marry me in an unconventional way. We met at a live poker tournament last September after knowing each other for a couple of years on an online poker forum. As we both love the game, I thought it would be perfect to propose during a tournament. He didn’t suspect a thing.’

The staff at the casino were excited by the unusual request during one of their regular poker tournaments. Lance Taylor, Card Room Supervisor at Genting Club Star City said ‘When we received the email from Sarah Anne asking whether it would be possible, we knew we could make it work. All of the staff and poker players were informed about the proposal before the game. We switched the deck of cards so the dealer dealt a ‘fake flop’ with the words ‘Ranny will you marry me Saranne’.

‘I must admit, we were nervous when the players begun to arrive,’ Lance continued. Sarah Anne also felt the nerves set in when it became a reality, ‘When I arrived, I suddenly realised this might not be such a good idea. Mark doesn’t like people to fuss over him so I hoped he’d take it the right way’.

Sarah Anne didn’t need to worry. ‘Mark was very surprised and I think it took a few seconds for him to take it in. The entire poker room stopped and applauded. After a moment of quiet, he said ‘yes’!’

Sarah Anne and Mark wasted no time to giving one another a big hug and a kiss and celebrated with a bottle of champagne.

Lance continued, ‘It made for a great atmosphere in the card room for the remainder of the night. Everyone was really happy for the couple, who continued to play in the tournament’.

The couple now have the exciting task of planning when and where to get married. ‘Mark wants a Vegas wedding but I think a beach wedding would be lovely. Hopefully we’ll have it planned within a year.’

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