The Art of Pouring the Perfect Pint

At Genting Casinos we understand the importance of excellence and strive to achieve it in every aspect of what we do; from giving you the perfect poker experience, to pouring you the perfect pint.

Last year we decided to take part in the Stella Artois Connoisseur Programme, an exclusive programme which rewards establishments like ourselves for perfectly pouring and presenting Stella Artois.

The art of pouring the perfect pint is far from an easy feat, it takes skills and dedication and comprises of four steps, outlined by the Belgian brewery; Prepare, Pour, Skim and Present. This means that each and every Stella Artois served needs to be poured in the iconic Chalice perfectly, skimmed neatly and presented to you with the infamous Stella Artois logo forward facing. Sounds easy enough, but in a fast paced environment sometimes standards slip – not at Genting Casinos.

We trained our staff on how to pour the perfect pint of Stella Artois, following which Stella Artois performed mystery shops in each of our 38 outlets every two weeks over a 12 week period. That’s 228 pints up for inspection. Staff were asked for a draught lager and were judged on recommending Stella Artois as the beer of preference and also on completing the four step ritual.

After coming up against 45 other establishments in the Multiple Site Category, comprising of over 1,000 sites, it is with great pleasure that we can officially announce that we were awarded the top spot, with a phenomenal overall score of 93.6%!

This is a great achievement for staff and managers at each of our sites, showing that Genting Casinos continue to lead the way in service excellence, whether that be at our tables or at the bar. We think that deserves a pint to celebrate. Stella anyone?

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