The Life of a Poker Manager

The Life of a Poker Manager

Ever wondered what it’s like to be working in the heart of the poker world? To see the cards dealt, bets being placed, and the players’ skills tested? For our Poker Managers this is just a normal day’s work. We sat down with one of them at our Genting Club, Star City, in Birmingham, to find out more about this unique role within the business.

Despite most poker tournaments not starting until 8pm, a Poker Manager’s work often begins early on as they try to recreate the electric atmosphere of the poker room online, to encourage members to join for that evening, using an arsenal of social media feeds:

“From then on, it’s pretty straight forward. The team arrive, tables and chips are set, dealer is briefed, and then the evening is set-up for almost anything to happen.” Endless possibilities are promised in an empty room, with scheduled arrivals making their commute to the casino.

“When managing a tournament the main objective is simple: ‘keep the customers happy’.” Our Poker Manager explains. “We like to think that we generally meet this objective and the feedback we get from our players is usually excellent. However, we do have processes in place if things don’t quite go to plan.”

“We have a code of practice to prevent negative behaviour. We have a number of routes we can take if people don’t behave – caution, warning, penalty, disqualification maybe even suspension from the club. Happily, we don’t have to use any of these very often, 99.9% of our poker players are friendly and don’t cause any problems, they just want to enjoy a good night of poker.”

With seven tournaments on a normal week, Star City’s Genting Club, attracts a wide variety of players from across the region. Our Poker Manager added: “Although poker is a relatively small piece of the business, it’s great for creating a lively, positive atmosphere every day of the week. We see players come from all over and knowledge and skill levels vary from day to day, with the pros usually in over the weekend, when we host tournaments with higher stakes and bigger prize pools. During the busy periods we have had up to 14 tournaments in a single week. However, we currently usually stick to one tournament per day to ensure we can keep our good guarantees for each one.”

“The poker side of our casino businesses is not run to make the businesses lots of money. It’s about bringing people in and creating that experience. The popularity of poker is extremely high at the moment and we want to be able to offer our customers regular, well-run, well attended tournaments in a great location. Despite the growing surge for playing poker online, you just can’t replace that in house poker experience, the thrill, the tension and the banter between players.

“Some evenings the cardroom makes up to 70% of the club’s attendance on a quieter evening and because the casino floor sits just a small stone’s throw away, it always adds that classic buzz to everyone’s evening.”

“When attending your local Genting during the week for one of our poker tournaments, you’ll often find yourself spending £25-£30 at no risk. You get a night of fun and a good laugh and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to head home with some extra cash in your pocket. If you’re feeling a bit more confident, then you have our monthly competitions, where they are a bit more of an investment – £100 or so, with the possibility of a taking home enough for a deposit on a new home, if things go your way. As for the national levels, this is where it steps up a bit further, maybe £300-£500 to take part, but if you play your cards right you could potentially buy yourself a small apartment after just one night! We have something for all levels.”

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