The London Look

The London Look

Playing poker in the capital of the busiest poker country worldwide can be a challenge. With so much on offer, it’s easy to forget how individual each game of poker is to players from Acton to Leytonstone. From cash regulars to tournament types, there are people from all walks of life who turn up at both the Genting Cromwell Mint Casino on Cromwell Road in South Kensington and The Palm Beach Casino in Mayfair’s Berkeley Street. But who are they and how can you tell from how they look?

See if you spot anyone you know, and where you fit yourself…then you’ll know where to head for a game!

Player 1 – The Tourney Trawler

These guys are always on the look-out for a game with a beginning, middle and end. Yes, they love a tournament and whether its splashing around in the early stages, moving through the gears in the middle or bringing their ‘A-Game’ to the final table, it’s that knockout feeling they’re after. They want to feel like an all-in really is all or nothing and tournament lives are at stake with every decision. They’re romantics, really; distant relatives from the Wild West cowboys who wanted all the dollars by sun-up.

Fortunately they’re in luck, because every night at the Genting Cromwell Mint sees a different poker tournament. Maybe they’ll let their wagons roll up on a Monday evening, and our car-jockeys will trot their carriage away to be parked (sadly, only cars and not horse-drawn vehicles are possible to reverse park)! Perhaps they’ll be crushing the £70+5 Friday Classic and winning the weekend’s spending money. They’re passionate poker players who enjoy standing out in the crowd and will always put you to the test at the table.

Where You’ll Find Them: Pitching up in one of our nightly tournaments at the Genting Cromwell Mint.

Player 2 – The Cash Reg

Our second type of player has no time for tournaments. They’re all about the cash, the instant gratification of winning a hand and the cold, hard profit of a night spent seeing more flops than the early auditions for Britain’s Got Talent. The cash regular arrives every evening prepared to fight hard and battle for profit. They might start the evening with a stop/loss mark and a bottle of water, but the true ‘cash reg’ is never happy to walk away from a table where there is money to be made. They’ll play until the sun comes up if the action is hot!

The best thing is, if they’re up for cash games, they have two options between the £1/£2 and upwards Genting Cromwell Mint casino, with valuable Cash Race points up for grabs too, or The Palm Beach Casino. Over at ‘the Beach’, games start at 8pm each night with blinds at a juicier £5/£10 and up. Players such as Sam Trickett have cut their teeth at Mayfair’s finest for years. Sometimes suited, never booted, the cash game player will be polite, courteous and will become a star on their own terms, building their bankroll steadily along the way.

Where You’ll Find Them: Between The Palm Beach and The Mint, searching for the best tables and the most hands per hour.

Player 3 – The Magpie

Everyone is after a little gold in poker. From a World Series of Poker bracelet to a major trophy right here in the capital of England, Londoners love a bit of poker bling. But there’s no sweeter feeling than the golden glint of extra value, and making your way into a top tournament via a satellite then cashing for a ridiculous ROI (return on investment) is a great feeling. We cater for both the live and online qualifier at Genting, with online satellites into both The Genting Poker Series and GPS Mini events, with free £5.50 tickets up for grabs if you’re a new play. Online satellites have always been one of the best ways of winning entry into huge guaranteed tournaments, and with seats into those competitions guaranteed too, you’d be mad not to be a magpie too! Live satellites into the Genting 150 run from the Mint and always seem to outstretch their guarantee as keen players line up!

As well as looking for value, these players don’t give away any chips at the table. They know that to get through satellite play, you need to tighten up and attack at the optimum times. They’re disciplined, hyper-aware of their hand strength and with the sharpest eyes at the table!

Where You’ll Find Them: Hunting the value of a satellite into the Genting 150 or running up a big stack in the Genting Poker Series pennyroll qualifier online.

Player 4 – The Big Game Hunter

This player is all about winning big! Everyone wants to take down a huge event or national tour, but winning thousands of pounds on your London doorstep is a realistic possibility too. Collectively, in the last few months, players who’ve topped the leaderboards in the ‘Genting 150’ tournament have won tens of thousands of pounds. For either a £150+15 buy-in (or £35 if they got there from the preceding Tuesday’s live satellite at the Genting Cromwell Mint casino) that’s a big amount of money. A new car, a holiday, or a trip to Las Vegas? What would YOU spend it on?

The Big Game Hunter wants the glory, the feeling of topping the lot and holding those two winning cards for a photograph. They’re piling up three stacks of high society and heading out to prove they’re the best in the world. And you’ll know it when you meet them – because one day, you’d like it to be you.

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