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Moon Festival At Genting Casinos

Moon Festival is fast approaching! We will be celebrating this lucky Mid-Autumn festival at casinos throughout the country. Moon Festival which is also known as the lantern festival, takes place on the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese calendar. The Chinese Moon Festival story is based on an ancient legend involving an archer hero named Hou Yi and his wife Chang’e. Hou Yi was rewarded with an elixir of immortality after shooting down nine out of the ten suns that ravaged the land with drought and disaster. However, when Hou Yi’s apprentice, Feng Meng, tried to steal the elixir, Chang’e stopped him by drinking the elixir herself. She then became immortal and floated to the moon, never to be seen by her husband again. After learning what had happened to Chang’e, Hou Yi would prepare a feast on this day every year when the moon is believed to be the fullest, in hopes of catching a glimpse of his wife’s shadow.

Over time, the festival has evolved into many traditions including, to give thanks to the moon, to pray for better luck and fortune and to celebrate the magnificent moon with family and friends.

The festival is marked by beautiful lantern displays, spectacular dragon and lion dances and by eating delicious dishes like mooncakes and rice dumplings.

Learn more about our signature Mooncakes

Celebrate Moon Festival, Genting style with our exciting events, incredible gaming and lively entertainment!

See if good fortune is on your side by participating in one of the many activities happening in our casinos. Find out more about how we’re celebrating Moon Festival by clicking here.

We hope to see you soon and we wish you a prosperous Autumn!

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