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  1. DEFINITIONS When used in these Rules the following defined terms have the following meanings:- “Club” means any Genting run premises.

“Gaming” means gambling as permitted and licensed by UK law and regulation.

“Gaming Rules” means the terms and conditions available in Club pertaining to any offer of Gaming to You from time to time, including:- (i) Our Gaming rules leaflets and terms; (ii) The terms applicable to any (Gaming) promotion or offer; (iii) Tournament rules (e.g. poker or other event); (iv) Any terms and restrictions notified by our staff or Management (including but not limited to bet maximums or table limits) from time to time.

“Management” means and includes (as applicable):- (i) The management team at the Club (ii) Our regional management; and (iii) Our directors, officers and professional advisors.

“Other Rules” means any and all terms and conditions as may apply to your interaction with us, including but not limited to:- (i) Our Gaming Rules; (ii) Membership Rules (if and where applicable in respect of Premises) (iii) Our Rewards Terms and Conditions (if a participant in our Rewards Scheme); (iv) Any promotional or offer terms (v) Our Privacy Policy; (vi) Any further relevant terms from time to time.

“Privacy Statement” Our privacy policy as amended and updated, which sets out how we may use” Your personal data from time to time (Privacy Promise on display within Premises and full details on our website at

“Premises” any of our premises from which Gaming or other services are offered by us.

“You” You the customer, either as a visitor to our Premises, or as a user or recipient of any of our services.

“Us” “We” “Our” means Genting Casinos UK Limited (Company Number 015199689).

  1. AMENDMENT These Rules may be amended and updated by Management from time to time. All amends and updates shall be effective upon display within our Premises. Your continued access to our Premises, Gaming, or use of other services shall indicate your acceptance of any amended Rules.

  2. OTHER RULES You agree to comply with our Other Rules and acknowledge that contravention of the Other Rules may likewise result in barring or exclusion from our Premises, voiding of bets (including innings), or further action as set down in, or otherwise required by those Other Rules or the terms of our gaming licences.

  3. ENTRY

4.1 You acknowledge and agree that:-

4.1.1 We, as Premises owner, have the right in our sole discretion to approve or refuse any customer entrance to our Premises, or to suspend a customer on a local or national basis for any reason at any time; and that

4.1.2 We, as Premises owner, are not required to give any reasons or right of appeal in respect of any such decision and all such decisions by Us are and shall be final.

  1. AGE You must be at least 18 years old to be permitted entry to our Premises.


6.1 You agree and confirm Our continuing rights to require You to produce suitable identification, including a photographic image being taken and retained by Us, either before admittance, or as we otherwise see fit from time to time.

6.2 In so far as any image or record concerning You (including images and records derived from security cameras in Premises) constitutes “personal data” (e.g. data from which you can be identified) you acknowledge and agree that we may retain, use and, if necessary, disclose that data (i) for the purposes set out in our Privacy Statement and (ii) to comply with applicable law and regulation (including same concerning the prevention of crime, fraud or other impropriety) as need may require.


7.1 You acknowledge and agree that:-

7.1.1 All Gaming in Premises will take place in accordance with the Gaming and Other Rules applicable. We may void or cancel, bets, winnings, (as well as associated reward or loyalty points, if any), for any contravention of those respective Other Rules;

7.1.2 We reserve the right not to pay any Gaming winnings in circumstances where we know or reasonably suspect that you have won money Gaming by way of cheating. For the purposes of this Rule “cheating” includes any conduct when Gaming which seeks to remove or reduce the element of chance and/or seeks to give any unfair advantage to you or such conduct as to defeat the essential premises of a game.

7.1.3 No gambling may take place in our Premises other than that which is licensed Gaming offered by us;

7.1.4 The lending of money or provision of credit or loans between customers for Gaming purposes is prohibited;

7.1.5 All Gaming is offered subject to any Other Rules in place from time to time;

7.1.6 In the interests of the safety and security or our customers and staff, we reserve the right to conduct searches of customers persons and personal effects at any time;

7.1.7 We reserve the absolute right to refuse permission to customer to carry any articles or personal effects which we consider inappropriate for passage into our Premises;

7.1.8 No animals are permitted in our Premises. This does not include Assistance Animals and customers are permitted to bring Assistance Animals into our Premises as permitted by Law. If there is a genuine Health and Safety concern in relation to the Assistance Animal, our staff may discuss reasonable adjustments to entry of the Assistance Animal with the customer, but will do so in a discreet and professional manner;

7.1.9 No one is permitted to use, adapt or copy our names, trademarks, logo’s, branding, content or copy, nor our Premises details, nor otherwise imply any association or endorsement from us for any reason whatsoever;

7.1.10 Cameras or any other devices for taking photos or audio visual footage are strictly prohibited without our prior consent;

7.1.11 No other electronic devices whether used covertly or non-covertly are permitted in our Premises;

7.1.12 Mobile phones cannot be used whilst Gaming (whether at the gaming tables, electronic gaming tables, at or near any machines, or in our card rooms);

7.1.13 All of our customers shall have their privacy respected and unwelcome intrusions of any nature (such as seeking autographs) is forbidden;

7.1.14 Customers whose personal attire is considered unacceptable may be refused entry;

7.1.15 Social relationships between customers and our staff are forbidden;

7.1.16 Liquor in our Premises is sold subject to the terms of our liquor licence. As such liquor will only be sold to customers during permitted hours We also reserve the right to refuse service and/or eject customers to comply with the terms of that licence.

7.1.17 It is our general policy that all customers and staff have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. We thus reserve the right to eject customers or otherwise take appropriate action as we deem fit where customers engage in or, are alleged to have engaged in, inappropriate, discriminatory, threatening, aggressive or harassing actions or conduct (including circumstances where the greater safety or wellbeing of the rest of our customers or staff is or may be in issue).

  1. PROPERTY AND PERSONAL EFFECTS Property belonging to the Premises may not be removed it. You acknowledge and agree that all property / personal effects brought onto our Premises remain at your sole risk and that We, our Management or staff cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to customer property occurring at our Premises. You acknowledge and agree that it is your own responsibility to keep such items safe and secure.

  2. PARKING / PARKING SPACES Where We offer parking or parking services at our Premises you acknowledge and agree that those facilities are offered at your sole risk and cost and that We, our Management or staff cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage arising from your use of those facilities.


10.1 We do not exclude liability for personal injury or death arising from our negligence or where liability cannot be excluded or limited as a matter of law.

10.2 Subject to sections 8, 9 and 10.1 you agree that neither We, our Management, nor our staff is or will be liable to you for any direct, indirect or consequential losses arising from your Gaming or use of our other services or our Premises.


11.1 We recognise that from time to time some of our customers may suffer from problem gambling / gambling addiction problems. As a responsible operator we can provide detailed information to our customers in Premises as to the steps You might take to address such issues (including appropriate Premises and industry self-exclusion measures). Please see our leaflets in Premises.

11.2 Should you put in place a self-exclusion from our Premises or elect to make use of any voluntarily player-led control measures that we may offer within our services from time to time, you agree (notwithstanding our reasonable efforts to prevent entry or to carry out appropriate interaction as the case may be) that you will not attempt to enter our premises or gamble whilst subject to a self-exclusion or to otherwise circumvent any controls or limits that are in place for responsible gambling purposes. You acknowledge that, should you do so that (i) we cannot be held responsible nor liable for any matter arising from entry or play in breach of a self-exclusion or circumvention of measures and controls; and (ii) monies staked by you and any winnings arising therefrom (if any) may be forfeited.


In the event that you wish to raise a complaint as to our Gaming services then our complaints and disputes process is as set out in our Gaming Disputes leaflet available in Premises.


13.1 When you register with us you provide us with your personal details and contact information. In doing so you acknowledge that we may obtain, process and use your personal data in the manner and for the purposes set out in our Privacy Statement (Privacy Promise displayed in all Premises and full details available on request). In particular you should note that:-

13.1.1 We reserve the right to transfer your personal data to law enforcement, regulatory and industry bodies for purposes set out in that policy including the prevention and detection of any actual or suspected crime, fraud, cheating, and administering any self-exclusion); and

13.1.2 Our policy and sign-up process (depending on preference selected or expressed in each case) may permit us to send information to you about offers and incentives that we think may be of interest to you. If we do so, you may, however, unsubscribe from such emails and offers at any time. You are referred to Our Privacy Statement for full details.


14.1 If any of these Rules, or Other Rules (as the case may be) are found by any court, regulatory or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid and unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the other Rules (or Other Rules) which shall remain in full force and effect.

14.2 These Rules and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them, including non-contractual disputes or claims, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.


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