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Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker

How to Play

A popular casino game available in most of our casinos, where your hand is played against the dealers. A recently modern arrival in casinos, with the game being invented in the 1990s in America and gradually working its way across the Atlantic.

You and the dealer get three cards each, dealt face down and the hands are then graded as in Poker, with pairs, three of a kind, runs, flushes, and so on. If your hand beats the dealers then you win!

As with other games, there are a number of side bets and in our latest version, you can also join your hand with the dealers to make a 5 card poker hand to enhance your winnings!

Table minimums

Our live tables all have rules around the minimum bet allowed for each hand or spin. These will be clearly displayed at each table so you can see in advance what bets apply, if you are unsure please ask a member of the team who will be able to explain the table minimums to you.

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