Dragonfire Roulette



Introducing Dragonfire Roulette, the hottest addition to e-Tables!


Dragonfire Roulette is an exciting variation of the classic Roulette game where straight up bets are paid at 29 to 1 but may also qualify for an additional bonus of 200x your stake!

How to play:

At No More Bets a pay-table is randomly selected and between 1 and 4 Dragonfire Bonus numbers are displayed along with the value of their bonus multipliers. 

The total of the Dragonfire Bonus multiplier will always add up to 200x, this will be offered randomly on between 1 and 4 numbers and results in a Return to Player of 95.69%. The winning result is determined by the physical wheel.

Dragonfire Bonus numbers will be highlighted on the layout with 'Dragonfire'.

Straight up bets without a Dragonfire Bonus will pay 29 to 1 only.

If there is a straight up bet on the winning number, and it is also a Dragonfire Bonus number, it will pay 29 to 1 plus the appropriate bonus for that number. For example; 29 to 1 on a winning £1 bet plus 100x Dragonfire Bonus = 129 to 1 Total, paying £130 including the original bet.

All bets other than Straight ups pay normal Roulette odds. 


It's time to let the dragon heat up your gaming experience.