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Genting &

Version 1.3 (Date of Last Update 08.01.2020)


1. These Terms

If you are reading this then you are either a visitor to one of our websites, or mobile or app versions of them (the “Site”) or a new (or existing) member. We thank you for your interest and custom. 

As a regulated online casino we are required to outline certain matters required by law and regulation (so that, for example, you know who you are dealing with) and to outline the terms and conditions that will apply between us when you sign-up or game with us on our Site.

The terms that follow outline the legal “contract” that applies between us when you visit our Site, join us, or gamble (or continue to gamble) with us. It is important that you read these terms fully as any activity on our Site will amount to your binding acceptance of what follows.

If you do not wish to accept these terms and conditions then please navigate away from our Site and do not complete your registration or login to your online account, as we will consider any such actions your unqualified acceptance of what follows.


2. Updates to these Terms

We can update these terms and conditions at any time. We can do so for a number of reasons including (for example) where law or regulation changes and we need to keep these terms up to date. We may also change these terms where we wish to change our offer to our players. 

We agree to use reasonable efforts to inform you about any significant changes to the contract between us and make reasonable efforts to bring them to your attention. We may either, contact you directly to inform you of changes, inform you about changes made upon login, and/or upload any amended terms onto our Site headed with a new date and version number so that you can easily make out the Player terms which apply to you. You will be asked to accept the revised terms and conditions. If you refuse to accept the revised terms and conditions, you will not be allowed to continue using the Site, but will be allowed to withdraw any funds in your account, subject to all usual verification and anti-money laundering (“AML”) checks and considerations.

You agree, however, that ultimately it is your responsibility to check the terms that apply to you. You also agree that any login or Site usage by you following any Player Terms change (other than to request a full withdrawal of all real money funds on your account only) will amount to your un-qualified acceptance of them. 

In the event that we provide these terms in anything other than English, the English version of them will be (and remain) the authoritative version in the event of any conflict between any English and non-English terms.


3. Other Terms May Apply

3.1    You should note that other terms and conditions may apply between us and will form part of our overall contract, for example:-

3.1.1    When you access or play on our sportsbook, specific sports betting rules apply which can be found here and which you should read before placing a bet. These set out the specific rules applicable to particular sports markets bets and types of bet (for example, horse racing, football, tennis, golf and others);

3.1.2    Our Privacy Policy, will apply and is hereby incorporated when we (inevitably) process your personal details and personal data (for example, to offer you registration, perform checks, or offer you a gaming service) you can find both summary and full details about this here

3.1.3    Bonus and/or Promotional Terms will apply when you join us further to an introductory offer, or utilise any offer once a member. The exact terms applicable depend upon which offer you take up. We agree to make the key terms or restrictions applicable to any such bonus or promotion clear to you before you accept any such offer and present full terms no less than one click away so that you can make an informed choice whether or not to accept those terms. Provided we do so, however (and in the event that you accept and participate in same) then you will have accepted such terms.

3.1.4    Our Genting Points Terms and Conditions will apply between us, if you participate in our loyalty programme. Further details about our program can be found within the points / rewards section of your online account wallet.

3.1.5    Certain games on our Site have “terms of use” set by the originating gaming developer or supplier. These generally require that you behave yourself during play, and that you don’t cheat, collude with other players, or steal or corrupt the developers  (or our) software, designs or copy, though you are referred to applicable terms for full details in each case. Where relevant we will make these available to you, and should you use games to which they apply you will be considered to have accepted them.

3.2     In the event that any other terms apply as above and a conflict arises (for example one set of terms says one thing but the Player Terms another), then the Player Terms shall take precedence in the event of and only to the extent of, any such inconsistency but all other terms and these Player Terms) shall otherwise apply and be read together.


4. Who We Are

4.1    We are Genting Malta Limited, a company incorporated and registered in Malta with company number C-88828, with a registered office located at Level G (Office 1/1120) Quantum House 75, Abate Rigord Street, Ta’Xbiex, 1120, Malta. References to “We” “Us” or “Our” are to that  company.

4.2    We are licensed and regulated in Malta by the Malta Gaming Authority (“MGA”) and operate our Site under MGA Licence number MGA/B2C/686/2019 issued on the 12 September 2019. When Players based outside of the UK (“Non-UK Customers”) play with us, their play with us takes place on that MGA licence, save for Ireland where sports bets are made on and further to our Irish licence (see 4.4 below). 

4.3    We are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission to offer online gaming services to UK customers, (“UK Customers”). Our licence number is 000-054207-R-330735-001 and our account number 54207. When Customers play and bet with us within the UK they do so on that licence.

4.4    We are licensed and regulated by the Revenue Commissioners to offer online bookmaking services to Irish Customers (“Irish Customers”). Our licence number is 1016595. When customers place sports bets with us in Ireland they do so on that licence. 

4.5    We provide you with access to gaming content from a number of licensed third-party gaming providers. All such providers are licensed or approved by the MGA or UKGC, as appropriate. Should you require any further details on who provides a specific product please contact our chat team at first instance.


5. Who Can Join Us

5.1    You must be at least 18 years of age (or above the legal age at which gambling is legal where you reside, if higher) to apply for registration, join our Site, or to play upon it. You acknowledge that underage gambling is an offence and confirm that you will not seek to obtain access to our Site if you are a minor. 

5.2    Only individuals engaging in recreational play are permitted access to and use of our Site (and not e.g. companies, institutions, or ‘syndicates’). 

5.3    All applications to join us are subject to our permission at all times and may be refused or withdrawn at any time. We shall not be obliged to give reasons for any refusal of registration nor for any withdrawal, or cancellation of, membership.

5.4    You agree and confirm that you will not view, access, use, join, or gamble upon our Site from a state, territory, locality or region from which (i) it is (or becomes) unlawful or illegal to do so; or (ii) which we prohibit or do not accept business from, from time to time (together the “Prohibited Territories”). Such Prohibited Territories include the United States of America and all other territories listed on our Prohibited Territories page [see here], as well as all territories which prohibit (or subsequently prohibit) online gaming, whether listed on our Prohibited Territories page or not. 

5.5    You agree (notwithstanding the above), that it is and remains your sole responsibility to know if gaming is legal from the territory in which you join or access our Site.

5.6    You agree and confirm that you will not employ methods, devices or technology (as an example “proxy” VPN’s or IP “masking” techniques) to give a false or misleading impression of your physical / device location when accessing our Site nor select a location that does not correspond with your actual location for the purposes of sign-up or access to our Site. You agree that we may cancel your account and membership in the event that we find out (or otherwise reasonably suspect) that you have attempted to do either or both of the foregoing, or have done so.

5.7    You also agree that the list of prohibited jurisdictions is not “fixed” and that we may change it any time (whether with or without) notice. In the event that you are adversely affected by any such change we will close your account and return any real money funds you have on deposit, subject always to any legal and regulatory requirements as may apply in the specific territory concerned and subject to all usual verification and AML related checks and considerations.


6. Your Account

6.1    Application & Registration

To play with us you must first register personally for an account with us by entering relevant (name, address and contact) details upon our account registration page. 

6.2    Your registration is your application to join us. We may refuse that application (or revoke any later registration, if required) at our discretion and shall not be obliged to give our reasons for doing so. We will, however, return real money deposits made (if any) subject to all usual verification, AML related checks and legal and/or regulatory considerations.

6.3    The details you supply to us upon application must and will be (i) 100% correct and up-to-date; and (ii) in no way false, inaccurate or misleading, and (iii) remain so for the duration of any membership extended to you. You agree that you will keep these details current, correct and up to date.

6.4    Any account registration granted is for a single user only and you are only permitted one account. We reserve all rights to close any or all accounts considered to be duplicates (including any initial or originating accounts) and (as we see fit) to void any or all bets or transactions made upon them.

6.5    Any account registration is conditioned upon you providing suitable account verification immediately for UK Customers or prior to first withdrawal on our Site for Non-UK customers. Should you not provide suitable verification when requested to do so then we may withhold funds (and withdrawals, if any) on your account until such time as suitable verification is provided, or close your account, as we see fit, at our option. Should it ultimately transpire that you are underage then your account will be closed, real money deposit returned to you, and all play voided in accordance with our legal and regulatory obligations in that regard.

6.6    When you register with us you will be invited to set-up a password or login for our Site (sent to and verified via the personal email address you type in) and to enter payment card details for the purposes of any real money deposits. Our site does not permit you to save your logon details and you will need to re-enter them upon any subsequent use of our site. You agree that:-

6.6.1    It is and remains your responsibility to keep your own account login details safe, secure and up-to-date and not to share, or make them known to anyone else (whether directly or through inadvertence on your part, and including e.g. any “pre-filled” or “stored” logins on any personal device);

6.6.2    It is and remains your responsibility to ensure the security of any device used to access our Site and services (including both “good practice” measures such as locking your screens and employing appropriate access controls and anti-virus protections); 

6.6.3    It is and remains your responsibility to ensure the security of any bank card or payment details recorded with us (such as e.g. keeping your bank card, pin number and any related internet or other authentication details) safe and secure;

6.6.4    You will be automatically logged off our Site after any period of inactivity of 30 minutes or more;

6.6.5    Our Site will lock any player account after four or more unsuccessful login attempts and will require a password reset. This can be done via our “forgotten password” tab on our Site or alternatively by contacting our Chat team, where you will be issued with a temporary password. You will be prompted to set your own password upon your first login with a temporary password.

You agree that We cannot and will not be held responsible, nor legally liable, for any unauthorised (or authorised) use of your account login, device, or payment details where we are not ourselves clearly at fault.

6.7    You agree to fulfil all commitments made on your account in the course of using our Site and will be responsible for all communication from your account with us. 

6.8    It is and remains prohibited for any players to sell, transfer, and/or acquire accounts from other players. We may close any accounts, cancel any wagers and void any necessary transactions or withdrawals where we know or reasonably suspect that you have done so.

6.9    Closure

You may close your account at any time. Please contact our chat team on to do so.

If you are a Non-UK Customer and your request to close your account is prompted by any concerns at to the level and/or frequency of your gambling you agree that you shall inform us about this when closing your account so that we can treat that closure as a self-exclusion (for more detail on self-exclusion see section 10, below). If you do not inform us of this fact, we will assume (and will be entitled to assume) that you have requested account closure for reasons other than problem gambling concerns and no self-exclusion restrictions shall apply.

If you are a UK Customer and your request to close your account is prompted by any concerns as to the level, frequency, [or affordability] of your gambling you agree to tell us as much when you make your request. You agree (in the event that any closure request from you is prompted by any [affordability or] problem gambling concerns) that we may suspend or bar your account, either temporarily or permanently, following any relayed concerns or pending any decision to self-exclude, whether you self-exclude with ourselves or with the industry “Gamstop” scheme. For further details on self-exclusion generally please see section 10 below.

6.10    Deposits

When you are ready to play with us you will have to make a real money deposit to your online account. You need funds available to meet the value of any wagers or bets you may wish to make as no credit of any form is/will be given for play on our Site. The methods available for deposit and withdrawal of funds can be found within your online account wallet and presently include both debit card and credit card options (credit cards not available for UK customers) in addition to a number of alternative payment methods (the payment methods offered will depend upon where you are located).

6.11    We accept deposits in Euros, GBP and INR. You accept any and all exchange risk, costs and/or charges in converting currency and/or your own deposits to either Euro’s, GBP or INR for the purposes of deposit, play and/or withdrawal.

6.12    You can register payment cards against your account at any time. You can also de-register any of the payment cards at any time (for example, when you are issued with a new bankcard in the “My Account” settings of your player account). Payment card records however will be retained for regulatory reasons. 

6.13    You agree and understand that it is unlawful to deposit funds acquired or received by unlawful, illegal or ill-gotten methods, or to deposit or seek to launder funds which are acquired from others as the proceeds of criminal activity (including for the avoidance of doubt stolen or laundered funds) and you agree and confirm that you shall not do so. 

6.14    All deposits, play, withdrawals and/or account transactions are monitored to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. Suspicious transactions (and your account / play details and any other information we consider pertinent) may be reported to legal, regulatory and law enforcement authorities at any time in order to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations in that regard.

6.15    You agree and confirm that our player account and wallet facility is made available for the purposes of play only. Therefore any deposits made to your account do not attract interest of any kind under any circumstances. You also agree that you will use your account solely for gaming purposes and not in a manner equivalent to or alike a financial institution’s bank account nor as any other general repository of funds.

6.16    We utilise recognised (and authorised) payment services providers to process our player deposits and withdrawals. Typically we expect deposits to clear at or near to “real time”. We cannot be held responsible, however, if any payments are delayed / cancelled or reversed due to issues within the payment “chain” itself (for example, issues which lie with your own bank, or failed authentications on your own account). Nor can we be held responsible for any “stop” or “query” put on transactions (either by ourselves, any payment providers, banking institutions or our regulators) for legal, regulatory, or other (including security related) reasons.

6.17    You also confirm that transactions may be delayed in the event that we require further verification from you further to applicable laws or regulations. 

6.18    Withdrawals

Subject to the provisions of these Player Terms (and relevant provisions which permit withholding of funds,  cancellation of wagers or return of stake in the event of identified or suspected, cheating, collusion or fraud and/or regulatory checks) - You may withdraw your own real money funds at any time. 

Withdrawals are requested via the “withdrawal” section of your player account wallet.

6.19    We aim to process all withdrawal requests within 4 – 5 working days wherever practicable subject to any verification that we may require from you for legal, regulatory and/or AML purposes under these Player Terms.

6.20    We reserve the right to make a charge for withdrawal of funds not utilised for gaming, and/or for repeated or vexatious withdrawal requests set at up to 10% of the requested amount. We confirm that any such costs (where levied or deducted) will reflect a genuine contribution towards our actual costs of processing repeated and vexatious withdrawal requests in each specific case.

6.21    There is no set maximum withdrawal amount or limit per day however there is a maximum withdrawal amount of £25,000 for each individual withdrawal transaction from your online wallet.  

6.22    Withdrawal requests for large sums may require additional prior arrangement or verification with us prior to payment. In the event that we request additional verification you agree to provide it. 

You can make withdrawals from your account up to your current available real money balance by debit card or credit card (for UK Customers, withdrawals to credit card are permitted only if the card was registered and used to deposit prior to 9 April 2020) (after taking into account all previous wagers) subject to the following conditions:-   

6.22.1    Withdrawal by UK issued debit or credit cards Withdrawals may only be made to the debit or credit card you have registered to your account and deposited funds with.

6.22.2    Withdrawal by a non-UK issued Mastercard (including some UK MasterCard’s): such withdrawals may only be made to a card already registered to your account and must be processed by bank wire transfer

6.23    In the case of MasterCard’s, your provider sometimes may not allow the withdrawal of funds in your Site account back on to your registered Mastercard. Should that occur then we reserve the right to request alternative payment details from you and/or to bar the use of such card from our Site, in addition:-

6.23.1    Withdrawal by wire transfer to UK bank account: We reserve the right to charge a reasonable processing fee for wire transfer withdrawals. A transfer will only be made to an account in your name and such account must not be at a branch located outside the United Kingdom (UK Customers only). We will require proof of identity to be provided. This withdrawal option will only be offered at our discretion and you may not withdraw funds by this method if we are able to return your withdrawal to your registered debit or credit card.

6.23.2    In the case of Pre-Paid Cards: where a withdrawal option is not available, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable processing fee (which will reflect our actual processing costs) to return funds via bank wire transfer. Maximum withdrawals via any card provider or other payment processing websites may also be subject to limits as stipulated by the relevant payment service provider from time to time.

6.23.3    Maximum withdrawals via any card provider or other payment processing websites may also be subject to limits stipulated by the relevant service provider from time to time.

6.24    Withdrawals to credit and debit cards will display on your statements as “Genting Online”. Except where otherwise stated (above), any withdrawals may be made free of charge.

6.25    We reserve the right at all times to investigate your play prior to processing any requested withdrawals. Where (as but one non-exhaustive example) we reasonably suspect, cheating, collusion, fraud, or other playing irregularity, or technical malfunction, then we may cancel (or reduce) any requested withdrawal, void any suspicious play or transactions, return your stake (only) and/or make report to relevant authorities where any criminality, AML, money laundering, or other impropriety is either known or suspected, as we may reasonably deem appropriate.

6.26    Your player account does/will permit the cancellation of withdrawals in process which you may request from your player account “My Account” section. You agree that any decision by you to utilise that function (if any) is and remains your sole decision and is not encouraged by us and that we cannot be held responsible nor liable if you subsequently utilise any cancelled withdrawals for further play, nor can we be responsible for the loss of deposits which you previously intended to withdraw.

6.27    Verification & Ongoing Account and Player Checks

As a licensed and responsible gambling operator we have to comply with a number of rules, laws and regulations. These require that we know (and/or take reasonable steps) to know and find out who you are (so-called “know your customer” or “KYC” requirements) and that we take risk appropriate due diligence steps (where necessary) to seek to investigate the source of your funds you use on our Site and also take appropriate measures (as we see fit) to prevent criminal activity, money laundering or terrorist financing..

As a result, we monitor play and transactions on our Site and reserve (and must reserve) the right at any time to carry out further verification upon and assessment of you and your account (including your gaming activity, deposits and withdrawals) and any other details supplied to us by you, or about you, at any time, at our sole discretion. Note in particular, that we are not obliged nor required to source this information from you directly (albeit that we may choose to do so).

This may involve, as we see fit to comply with law and regulation, asking third parties to investigate information you have provided to us, conducting “open source” and/or reputable third party open source internet searches on that information, or asking you to supply further verification at any time (including e.g. supplying photo ID, proof of earnings, address, and/or to ‘refresh’ or supplement any expired documentation). 

We may also request verification of payment and/or card details (but not full card details) for the purposes of processing any deposit, withdrawal, or refund, request. 

You agree to comply with any and all such requests from us in a prompt and helpful manner. 

You also confirm and acknowledge that you understand and accept that your account (and any transaction or activity upon it) may be suspended or cancelled in the event that you do not provide verification when reasonably requested to and/or until you do so. You further agree and understand that we reserve the right to suspend or close your account (and any related process including, bets, withdrawals or transactions, where applicable) where the results of additional verification checks indicate that the information previously provided to us was, is, or has become, insufficient, false, inaccurate, untruthful or misleading. 

We may also make a report about you to any applicable authorities where our general monitoring or specific enquiries give us any cause to suspect that money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, or any other criminal activity has  taken place or is likely to take place

6.28    Bonuses and Promotional Offers

From time to time we may choose to make offers available to new or existing players, or both groups at the same time. Players can only utilise a specific bonus or promotion once.

Those offers may include (as examples only) “free bet” or “money back” offers (for example, bets on the outcome of sporting events) or “deposit match” offers on our online casino products (where we match your own deposits with bonus funds typically of an equivalent value).

You agree and confirm that any and all such offers are made to you available subject to applicable terms and conditions at all times. 

Key restrictions (if any) will be outlined within the offer made to you and alongside it (but no more than one click away). 

You agree that your participation in any such bonus offers or promotions amounts to your acceptance of the terms which apply to it and you are referred to the relevant promotion / offer terms for full details. You clearly understand that it is your own informed decision as to whether you decide to participate or not.

You should note, in particular, that these terms can often (but do not always) contain important restrictions on your ability to utilise (or withdraw) bonus funds as real money to your online account wallet. As (non-exhaustive) examples many offers:-

(i)    On sports betting will require that any “free” bet or “extra bet” offer is conditioned upon an initial real money bet or deposit being made (or free bet utilised) on a specific event sport, or outcome, in order to qualify; or

(ii)    On sports betting, will apply pre-set or maximum or minimum odds (or winnings) in relation to any free bet funds staked; or

(iii)    On casino products, will require that bonus funds are “played through” (staked a minimum number of times) on specific games before they can be converted to withdrawable real money funds on your online account wallet; or

(iv)    On casino products, will require that individual wagers have a minimum or maximum bet per hand or play; or

(v)    On casino or sports betting products will stipulate a maximum amount that can be won or redeemed from any bonus or promotional offer (for example, £100 on a £10 free bet or deposit match), this won’t apply to wagers with your own real money funds however; or

(vi)    Set a timeframe for redemption of the relevant offer with any failure to redeem resulting in the voiding or cancellation of bonus funds; or

(vii)    Stipulate that certain types of play when utilising bonus funds (only) do not amount to a valid “play through” of bonus funds (for example, covering all eventualities on a roulette wheel or “red” and “black” or “odds” and “evens” at the same time). However, all such requirements will be clearly outlined within the terms of any applicable offer where they apply so you can take an informed decision on whether to take up that offer or not; or

(viii)    State that attempts to withdraw bonus funds prior to applicable requirements being met leads to cancellation of the applicable bonus.

We will always try our best to make these requirements clear and available to you (where they apply) prior to you taking up any relevant offer. Ultimately, however, any decision to participate in any applicable bonus or promotional offer is your own, but will be subject to any promotional terms provided or made available to you. When you participate you accept these.

Your own real money funds (and wagers / results utilising your own money) are and remain unaffected by the above. 

6.29     Change of Details 

If any of the personal or financial information you have provided to us changes or no longer holds good, you agree to inform us and acknowledge that any failure to do so may result in (i) transactions being declined by your payment institution or (ii) your account being suspended or closed. 

You can amend your details via the “My Account” section of your player account, by contacting our support team at or by using our Live Chat facility on our Site. You agree that we do not accept any liability or responsibility for transactions which may be declined as a result of an expired card or authentication. Should your payment card be lost, stolen, compromised or re-issued, you agree to notify us immediately either by contacting us directly or by removing payment cards affected from the “My Account” section of your online account.

6.30    Status of Funds

We hold all customer funds in a separate customer funds bank account. 

For our UK Customers We are required to inform you that this account meets the UK Gambling Commission’s minimum requirement for the segregation of funds. This means that your funds are NOT PROTECTED in the (unlikely) event of our insolvency. Further details can be found here.

6.31    Credit Errors

If you notice that any sum has been incorrectly credited to your account, then you agree that you will notify us immediately. We shall be entitled to reverse any such credits (where we can do so) and/or seek to recover those sums from you should they have already been withdrawn. If any sums credited to you in error have been used by you to place further bets or wagers you agree that we can cancel those subsequent bets or wagers and reverse any winnings. We may also set off any amount on deposit in your account against any amounts owing to us.

6.32    Chargebacks

In the event we receive a chargeback request on a deposit or transaction made by you for our Site we may:-

6.32.1    part ways with you and close your account subject to returning your real money funds on account (subject to all applicable legal, regulatory, money laundering, AML, or fraud considerations, if any);

6.32.2    take any action permitted by law or regulation, including for example, making appropriate report to the authorities where we consider that a chargeback has been fraudulently or improperly made where service has already been provided to you;

6.32.3     dispute the chargeback via appropriate avenues/procedure (with the payment provider or originating banking institution(s));

6.32.4    choose not to offer (or otherwise withdraw) bonus or Reward entitlements on your player account; and/or

6.32.5    verify your details and play for the purposes of any ensuing chargeback payment in order that we may process it.

6.33   Inactive and Dormant Accounts

Where your account has a real money balance which has not been accessed for a period of twelve months or more it will be considered to be an “Inactive Account”.

Where this occurs we will endeavour to contact you using the contact details you have provided to us so that we can let you know e.g. that we hold funds on account and to make arrangements for their return to you. 

However, should we not be able to get hold of you (as but one non-exhaustive example, where you have failed to keep your contact details up-to-date) we will continue to hold those funds on account.

Where an Inactive Account remains so for a period of 3 years or more (taken from date of your last login) then we will consider that Account to be “Dormant”. 

When this occurs we shall make reasonable efforts to contact you using the details you have provided to us arrange return of funds held. Should we not be able to make contact, however, we will continue to hold the funds subject to applicable laws and regulations. 

For Non-UK Customers in particular it should be noted (provided reasonable efforts have been made to contact you have provided and provided further that we also send you a final notice notifying you or our intention to donate these funds to charity or towards problem or responsible gambling initiatives, including our own) and a mandated period has also elapsed that your funds may thereafter be donated to such charity or initiative in line with prevailing MGA regulations and (should this occur) you would have no legal claim to those funds thereafter.

6.34     Player Account Facilities

From time to time we may offer a “chat” and/or “leader-board” facility whereby it is / may be possible for you to interact with other players, should you choose to do so (a “Player Facility”)

Where Player Facilities are offered or made available to you / other players, they are offered as a courtesy only and subject always to certain core standards which we expect and require that all players adhere to and uphold with regard to their use of any Player Facility and/or our Site. In particular, you are taken to agree that you shall not use our Site or any Player Facility:-

6.34.1    To cheat, or attempt to cheat at gambling, or to collude or attempt to collude with others to cheat, attempt to cheat, defraud us, compromise our Site, or games, or otherwise seek to affect the usual rules of chance and return applicable to gaming on our Site;

6.34.2    For any other purpose than recreational purposes and sociable interaction with other players;

6.34.3    In any manner which breaches (or is likely to breach) any applicable laws and regulations;

6.34.4    In any manner which is or is likely to be unlawful or fraudulent or which has any unlawful or fraudulent intent (including but not limited to the facilitation of cheating, collusion or fraud on our Site, as but one example);

6.34.5    In any manner which is or is reasonably considered derogatory, insulting, offensive or hateful to other players, our staff or appointed agents;

6.34.6    In any manner which is or is reasonably considered sexually explicit, discriminatory or harassing, threatening, or intimidating to others (including third party’s, our players or our own staff);

6.34.7    In any manner to promote third party sites or services;

6.34.8    In any manner to transmit or procure the transmission of unsolicited advertising or promotional materials or any other form of solicitation (for example, “spam”)

6.34.9    In any manner to utilise, reproduce, copy or disperse Site content

6.35    You also agree that your use of such Player Facilities is and remains at your own risk and that we cannot be held responsible for any user generated content in those facilities, nor any website links posted therein. We do, however through our third parties, monitor the use of such Player  Facilities and would encourage you to report any specific issue encountered during use to our chat team via

6.36    You understand that we may withdraw or supplement Player Facilities at any time for any reason.

6.37    You agree and confirm that any breach of the core standards (above) may result in:-

6.37.1    Withdrawal / barring of your Player Facility; or

6.37.2    Suspension, cancellation or restriction of your Player account, as we reasonably see fit.

6.38    Genting Points Program

We offer a Points Program to our customers. Customers may earn points on qualifying (real money) spend on our Site and points can be redeemed for further play and/or additional benefits. Further details can be found within your online account. Any and all participation in our Genting Points Program amounts to your confirmed acceptance of any terms applicable to Genting Points.



7. Play

7.1     We provide a number of gaming options on our Site. Those options include live casino gaming on blackjack and roulette, online slot games and an online sportsbook, “GentingBet” for our sports betting fans. To play, make a deposit to your online wallet, select your desired option and place your bet.

7.2    When you make your bet we will deduct the amount that you have bet from your online wallet balance and place it against the outcome you have selected, pending the game (or sporting event) result. This happens as soon as you place your bet. All bets (and related deductions to your online account balance) once made, are binding. Cancellation of stakes or bets thereafter is and remains at our sole discretion and will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances.

7.3    When the outcome of the game or event you have bet upon with real money funds is properly determined, winnings from that bet (if any) will be credited to your online account balance and may be withdrawn within a reasonable timeframe subject to (i) your continuing compliance with these terms and conditions; and (ii) what follows (below).

7.4    We may cancel, revoke, withhold, suspend, or otherwise adjust any bet or wager (and any related results, winnings or transactions) and/or suspend or cancel your player account, where:-

    7.4.1    law and regulation requires that we do so;

    7.4.2    We ask for further verification from you, which is not forthcoming;

    7.4.3    We know or have reasonable cause to suspect that:-    you have cheated, or have attempted to cheat at gambling or engaged in activity which contradicts the fundamental premise or underlying odds or randomness of any game or service on our Site;    you have or have attempted to collude, or you and other people have colluded or attempted to collude in, influencing or attempting to influence the outcome of a game or sporting event (whether or not any attempt was successful);    you or people associated with you have access to insider information on a specific game, sporting or other event or outcome (whether or not that information results in a winning outcome);    you have engaged, or attempted to engage in fraud, criminal or other illegal practice and/or there is doubt as to your source of funds;    you (and/or people associated with you) have engaged in, or attempted to engage in low risk “arbitrage” betting on our Site. This will include, for example,    betting on two outcomes (for example win and lose) on one or more games or events;    betting on “red” and “black” or odds and evens on roulette; 

whether with ourselves or via multiple accounts (and whether with ourselves directly, or with ourselves and other operators) where in practice your bets (whether winning or losing bets as the case may be) have not been subject to all usual rules of chance and/or really or substantively “at risk”.    you have invalidly requested a chargeback or have denied any transactions on your account;    you have more than one account at any one time;    you are found to be in breach of these terms and conditions including the Sports Betting Rules (at Schedule 1 to these Player Terms).

7.4.4    We wish to (or are otherwise) required to make further enquiries as to the above.

7.4.5    An erroneous or defective gaming result occurs on the Site, for example, a “falsely attributed” win or result” or improper “win” or result occurring by reason of software error, glitch, bug, system error, software compromise, communications network failure or infrastructure failure, or any other unforeseen event or circumstance with bearing upon or which causes, contributes towards or results in a “win” outside the normal course of play. 

You acknowledge that you use our Site and its contents is given on an “as is” basis and that no warranties are given nor implied in respect of it (nor the games and sports betting services hosted upon it) nor do we assure you that the Site (and its content) is or will be error free. 

Should an erroneous or defective result occur you also acknowledge and confirm that we reserve the right to void any relevant bet and to re-credit your account balance and/or to refund your stake where we choose to do so thereby putting you in the position you would have been in prior to any gaming, betting or system error or interruption. In the event that an error is identified following withdrawal you agree to make repayment of any funds withdrawn which it later transpires you were not entitled to.

7.5    We further reserve the right to void any bets in relation to sports or other events or fixtures where we reasonably believe that the integrity of the event itself may have been compromised or that sports body governing rules have been broken (including, as but one non-exhaustive example; the industry body rules applicable to horseracing).

7.6      Where we know or have cause to know or otherwise reasonably suspect that you are participating in any form of cheating, collusion, fraudulent or criminal practice, sporting or event integrity compromise, money laundering, or that other improper activities are taking, are likely to, or have taken place, we reserve the right to report such activity. In the event that we do so your details and/or our suspicions may be relayed to one or more of local law enforcement, law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies, relevant sector authorities (including relevant sports governing bodies) gaming operators, online service  providers, banks and payment institutions, credit card providers and/or other financial institutions, as appropriate.

7.7     You acknowledge that any bets or wagers placed by you are placed solely on the exercise of your own skill, judgment and discretion. You confirm that you have not relied on any statement or representation from us in so doing. You also confirm that you understand that you may lose money when gambling and accept full responsibility for any and all losses (if any) incurred so doing.

7.8    While we endeavour to procure that the information on our Site is present and correct and that the gaming software upon it is in good working order, we do not accept liability for errors on the Site or products hosted upon it (including for any failure or compromise in any game random number generator, or odds offered). You agree that you will notify us promptly of any errors on our Site as soon as you become aware of them and that you not seek to take advantage of them. You understand that we reserve the right to recover monies from you that you may receive as a result of any website, game, or odds error together with all costs and expenses of doing so. You also confirm that we may set-off any amounts owed to us against any subsequent deposits made with us in order to satisfy any and all such liabilities, without compromising any other rights of action or recovery that we may have.

7.9    If there is any disagreement as to the details of a particular bet, wager, amount staked, or result then our own records shall always prevail. You acknowledge and confirm that our own records and random number generator (or gaming provider records where applicable) will determine the outcome of games played in our online casino or bets placed within our sportsbook. 

In the unlikely event of a conflict between the result that appears on your screen and our game servers you agree that the records on our game servers shall prevail. You also confirm that our own records and enquiries will be considered final and authoritative in determining same. The foregoing does not, however, affect your statutory rights (see “complaints” at section 9 below)

7.10    We reserve the right to refuse or limit the whole or part of any wager for any reason at our reasonable discretion. 

7.11    You are not permitted to make a wager greater than the amount in credit on your account wallet in your account.

7.12    Where a multiple bet has been placed which involves events with different maximum winning limits then the lowest applicable maximum win applies.

7.13    All maximum winnings limits apply to any customer or customers acting together who have placed bets containing the same selections, including where placed in a series of bets, at a range of prices, over a number of days, using different betting accounts, and or across different betting channels. Should we have reason to believe or suspect that a number of bets have been placed in this way then a singular maximum bet limit (only) shall apply.

7.14    Whilst we shall endeavour to procure that our Site is available 24/7 we shall not be liable if for any reason our Site is unavailable at any time or for any period. Access to the Site may be suspended temporarily and with or without notice in the event of system failure, maintenance or repair or for reasons beyond our control.

7.15    We shall only honour bets that we have actually received and placed bets shall only be treated as received at the time our systems actually receive them.


8. Player Obligations

8.1     You promise that you shall:-

8.1.1    respect the age limits applicable to access to our Site (18 years + / or applicable age in jurisdiction in which you are located, if higher);

8.1.2    read, evaluate, take notice of and (if necessary) properly engage with the Responsible Gambling information and measures made available to you as a player on our Site. Those measures include (i) account controls made available to you on your account (for example, you may set your own daily deposit limits if you have concerns as to the level of your play) and (ii) the option to self-exclude from our Site for a defined period of time (see further section 10).;

8.1.3    play responsibly and within your means and if necessary use the account controls or self-exclusion options made available to you, and/or clearly notify us of any perceived issues in this regard;

8.1.4    use our Site as a form of entertainment only and you accept (given that Site access is extended to you for entertainment purposes alone) that:-    you may lose as well as win money;    any loss / losses sustained on your account do not of themselves  indicate any failings or shortcomings on our part;     a “house edge” generally applies to our games such that on the law of averages (subject always to random chance) and over time we, the ‘house’ will generally speaking, secure a margin on the games you play and that this is in fact perfectly legal; and    for games where result is determined by random number generator (including but not limited to our online slots) that results are (and are required to be) truly random. Therefore sustained play without a win / significant win (is not in and of itself) a breach of law or regulation especially where the game is within the advertised or stipulated margin for return to player;    that “return to player” is the theoretical return to player averaged over a large number of spins by different players calculated by the gaming supplier concerned. Thus you accept that £100 spent on our slots would not necessarily return £92 to you on a stated return to player of 92%. In fact your own return may be lower (or in some instances, higher) once the theoretical return is calculated across all player spins on any game.

8.1.5    either notify us or exclude yourself from our Site where you are or become concerned about the nature, frequency, extent, or affordability of your gambling with us (see section 10 below). Further you agree to inform us where you are declared to be, or receive a diagnosis confirming that, you are a pathological gambler or gambling addict. 

8.1.6    provide clear, truthful, accurate and up-to-date information to us, and keep it updated, both upon registration and thereafter;

8.1.7    provide appropriate details to us (including personal, identity and financial details) both prior to playing with us and (ii) when otherwise requested to do so during your membership of our Site, especially where we require such details to comply with applicable laws and regulations;

8.1.8    provide (and agree that we can provide) all details requested by any regulatory authorities in relation to any complaint (including complaints you may raise) or any wider investigation it undertakes;

8.1.9    to follow the rules of play on our Site, act in an orderly manner and to refrain from any interference with the proper functioning or operation of our Site;

8.1.10   to conduct yourself appropriately in your dealings with us or others on or in relation to the Site, including being respectful, non-abusive, and non-discriminatory at all times;

8.1.11    to read and understand these Player Terms and any other rules applicable to your play (including, for example, any bonus terms you may take up) and to query with us the effect or meaning of any terms you cannot understand before commencing the activity concerned (whether gaming, bonus take-up, or other);

8.1.12    to avoid, and not to engage in any conduct or activity in relation to our Site which could lead to a suspicion of (actual or attempted) cheating, collusion, fraud, computer misuse, money laundering, terrorist financing, theft, or other unlawful, improper, or criminal, activity;

8.1.13    to avoid conducting directly or indirectly and/or through the use of any device any form of fraudulent or criminal behaviour under applicable laws (both in the jurisdiction in which you are located and/or the locations in which we are licensed and regulated);

8.1.14  to address all written or verbal communication to ourselves or our regulators with due respect and without foul or abusive language, accepting that we reserve the right not to hear, or to discontinue consideration of, complaints and disputes where you are abusive towards our staff;

8.1.15    to refrain from obtaining or seeking credit from third parties to play and (where same is indicative of a gambling problem) to activate the self-help tools available to you in this regard;

8.1.16    to refrain from excessive drinking during play with us. You nonetheless confirm and represent that you are of sound mind during play with us and that you take all consequences arising from or connected to your play.


9. Complaints

9.1     We recognise and understand that from time to time you may be or become dissatisfied with the gaming service we provide to you.

9.2     This section explains how to make a complaint and the process we apply once we receive it. It also explains your options should you remain dissatisfied after we have considered it.

9.3     Time Limit

We will consider complaints raised within twelve (12) calendar months from the cause of your complaint having arisen for the purposes of our own internal complaints process. Complaints received after that point, may not be considered.

The foregoing does not, however; (i) affect your statutory rights; nor (ii) your right to make a complaint to an applicable regulator at any time.

9.4    How to Make a Complaint

You may raise a complaint with us at any time by contacting our customer service agents via email to

It is important that we understand at the outset, what your complaint is about (in order to avoid later misunderstandings for us both). As such we ask that you make clear that your communication with us is a complaint by heading your email “complaint”.

9.5    Receipt of Complaint

In some rare instances, following your communication with us it still may not be clear to us either that you have actually made a complaint, or what the nature of your complaint is. 

We won’t drag our feet if the fact and substance of your complaint is clear, but do (and must) reserve the right to clarify the fact and substance of any complaint received at any stage. 

Where this applies we will treat your complaint as received upon the date on which it is reasonably clear to us that a complaint has been made and/or clear to us what that complaint is really about. 

Complaints received (or clarified) outside of Maltese office hours (of 9-5pm GMT+1) will be considered received on the next working day in Malta.

9.6    Acknowledgement

Once we have received your complaint we aim to acknowledge receipt of it within 24 hours of the date and time it is received by us, or on the next working day if we receive your complaint on the weekend (or during a public holiday) in Malta.

9.7    Conduct

Each of us agree and confirm at the outset of any complaint that we will deal with each other with regard to your complaint in an open and respectful manner. 

You acknowledge that we may decline to hear, or otherwise discontinue consideration of your complaint, in the event that any abusive, threatening, discriminatory or inappropriate comment(s) are directed towards our chat team or our other staff. In the event that we do so, our final determination of your complaint(s) will record that we have discontinued consideration for those reasons.

9.8     “Simple” Complaints

If we consider your complaint to be straightforward (for example, an acknowledged system error, or an easy query about a withdrawal in process, or a simple misunderstanding) and we believe that it can be resolved quickly and with minimum fuss, then we reserve the right to do so. We may do this for both our UK and Non-UK Customers. If we do we will let you know that we consider it resolved.

If we consider that your complaint is not suitable for informal resolution (or should you tell us that you are not satisfied with the informal resolution adopted) then your complaint will proceed as follows (below). 

Note for reasons of regulation that different procedures apply to our UK and Non-UK Customers, but the substantive review and engagement with our customers is pretty much the same.

9.9    Non-UK Customers

If you are a Non-UK Customer, the following will apply:-

9.9.1    Following our acknowledgement of complaint (above) we may (depending on the substance / complexity of your complaint(s)) do any one or more of the following:-    where we reasonably consider that your complaint has no real basis (for example; the complaint(s) received do not relate to our Site or the services we provide, or we can clearly show that your central complaint(s) or contentions are clearly false) then we will tell you as much. This will be our final determination of your complaint(s) and will be issued within 10 clear days of our acknowledgement of your complaint; or     (where we need further details from you) we may contact you to ask for further details or clarification about your complaint(s). Any such requests for clarification (provided they are reasonably required) will suspend our consideration of your complaint (and any related timeframe for response, - typically ten (10) clear days) until such time as you provide the requested input; or    provide you with our final decision on your complaint within ten (10) clear days of its receipt, whether in writing or by phone or email; or    (where you have raised multiple complaints or complaint(s) which require significant technical input, for example; complaints about gaming interruption or integrity, (or other, if any) then we may write to you within 10 days of receipt of your complaint and advise you that we require an additional 10 days to evaluate your  complaint(s), Where we do so we will in practice respond to you within twenty (20) clear days of complaint receipt; or    (where you have raised multiple complaints) we may consider your core contentions only for the purposes of meeting a ten (10) or twenty (20) clear days response target; or    Agree with you by mutual consent another suitable timeframe for our response

9.9.2      For the purposes of the above, we reserve the right to summarise our decision (and if necessary, to supplement it) to ensure a ten (10) or twenty (20) clear day response to your complaint(s), albeit that we will aim to give a full response to you within those timeframes.

9.9.3       If you remain dissatisfied with our final decision then you may:-    refer your complaint onwards to the MGA approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) entity, free of charge, to the Independent Betting and Arbitration Service (“IBAS”) details on that process can be found here; or    submit your dispute online to the European Union’s Online Dispute Resolution (“ODR”) Service, further details on how to submit can be found here; or    refer your complaint on to the Maltese Gaming Authority  by filling in the form located here:- 

9.9.4    You should note, however, in respect of the (above) options that:-    The ODR process requires that an approved ADR entity is selected to hear your complaint and IBAS are our MGA approved provider in this regard;    We will consider (as the MGA likewise considers), and you are taken to agree, that any ADR decision in respect of a complaint of €5,000 Euros or less will be binding on us both and otherwise persuasive (but not ultimately binding) for decisions concerning amounts in excess of that figure;    The MGA may itself require that your complaint is considered by IBAS in the event that your complaint hasn’t been considered by them or does not raise wider gaming / licensing issues.    All entities typically require or strongly recommend that any player complaint referred to them has been considered by ourselves. Moreover, neither of those independent third parties is obliged to consider a complaint which they consider to be frivolous or vexatious.

9.10    UK Customers

If you are a UK Customer and your complaint is not a “simple” one, then the following two stage process will apply:-

9.10.1    “Stage 1” Review 

A member of our online team will be tasked with investigating your complaint and responding to it. That team member (or other members of our team) may contact you for your input and comment during their initial investigation. You agree that you will engage with us as to your complaint in an open, respectful and non-abusive manner. We agree to do likewise.

Once the designated team member has concluded his/her investigation, then he/she shall write to you (or inform you by email or phone) of their decision as to your complaint. In doing so they will outline your complaint and their decision in respect of it as well as any recommendations and/or actions arising from it (if any).

We reserve the right to issue a “final” determination of your complaint at this stage, if (as but one example) we consider your complaint to be frivolous, vexatious, or without basis, or where we consider that your complaint otherwise admits of a straightforward answer or response. Should we do so you may either accept the Stage 1 decision or proceed to ADR (on which see below).

9.10.2     Customer Escalation

If you are and remain dissatisfied with our Stage 1 response (and we haven’t told you that it amounts to our final consideration of your complaint) then you can email us on or contact us via the ‘chat’ facility on our Site to ask for a Stage 2 consideration of your complaint. Note that it would assist us greatly if you could outline why and for what reasons you remain dissatisfied with our Stage 1 decision, albeit that this is not strictly necessary.

9.10.3    “Stage 2” Review 

Where you request escalation of your complaint, both your complaint and our Stage 1 decision will be relayed to an online manager for further review and investigation.

Once the responsible manager has concluded their investigation, he / she shall write to you (or inform you by email or phone) of their (and our) final decision as to your complaint. In doing so they will outline your complaint(s) and our decision, as well as any recommendations and actions arising therefrom, if any. The responsible manager shall also confirm that their decision constitutes our final decision as to your complaint(s).

9.10.4    Timescales

We will use all reasonable endeavours to review and conclude our review of your complaint within 8 weeks of our acknowledgement of your complaint.

The only real exceptions to this will be:-    where we await and need your input to properly review and/or consider your complaint (in which case the deadline for our response shall be extended to a reasonable period following our receipt of the details required); or    where we each agree and confirm that your complaint may be dealt with over a longer timeframe, if merited, (for example, where we await technical feedback from our gaming providers).    where we advise you of the results of our review (at any of the two stages) and you respond with further or different complaint(s) which we reasonably consider have no real connection or relevance to your original complaint. If this occurs we will treat any further complaints as new complaint(s) received upon the date we acknowledge them with an additional 8 week timeframe for response, although we do also reserve the right to “bundle” any further complaints into any existing response where they might be easily reviewed, investigated and/or resolved, at our sole discretion.

9.10.5        ADR and other options

If, following receipt of our final determination of your complaint, you remain dissatisfied then:-    either you (or ourselves) may choose to refer your dispute to the Independent Betting Arbitration Service (“IBAS”). Further information about that process and how to initiate it can be found here; or    You may submit your dispute online to the European Union’s Online Dispute Resolution (“ODR”) Service, further details on how to submit can be found here; or    You may make separate complaint to the UK Gambling Commission.

9.10.6    As regards your ADR options (above) note that:-    IBAS act as fully independent (UK Gambling Commission approved) adjudicators of gaming disputes between online casinos and their customers. There is no charge for you to make an IBAS referral;    the ADR entities (above) are only presently minded to consider complaints relating to “gaming transactions”. This would typically include complaints about wagers, administration of your online account and/or disputes as to gaming funds or winnings but would not include generalised non-gaming complaints, for example, complaints about poor customer service.    IBAS is not obliged to adjudicate any dispute if  (i) you have not attempted to engage with our own complaints process, or (ii) if they believe that your complaint is frivolous or vexatious, or (iii) your complaint is subject to another disputes process or adjudication; nor (iv) where you have not met any notified timescales for submission of your dispute to IBAS itself;    the online ODR submission process (above) will require that you select a UK Gambling Commission approved ADR entity to review your complaint and both parties must approve that choice to progress within the ODR portal. Typically IBAS will be our chosen ADR entity, as it is both approved by the UK Gambling Commission and best placed to adjudicate on remote gaming disputes in any event;    Where any stages of our investigation are ongoing or afterwards, we do reserve, (and in some instances the law requires that) we withhold payment in respect of any event or complaint that comes under investigation (including (as but one example), where complaints have originated in or from an investigation into cheating, cheating, collusion, fraud or other improper activity taking place on our Site).    When a complaint or dispute occurs which cannot be resolved by us then any relevant papers, documents and/or recordings (if any) may be made available to both IBAS and/or the UK Gambling Commission in order to give the adjudicator full details of your complaint(s) and to meet our regulatory obligations to provide full details of same to our regulator.

9.10    We will generally honour the findings and recommendations of IBAS and any regulator (MGA or UKGC, as applicable) in the absence of any manifest error(s) on their part. We would generally expect that you agree, to do likewise.

9.11      Each of us agree that the fact and content of your complaint(s) will remain confidential between us whilst subject to consideration either by ourselves or by any third-party adjudicator. The foregoing does not apply where law or legal process requires public disclosure in relation to your complaint and nothing within this section shall be taken to affect your (or our) legal and/or statutory rights.


10. Responsible Gambling

10.1    Gambling can be addictive and we recognise this. We want you to play responsibly and within your means. We take responsible gambling very seriously indeed. 

Further information on responsible gambling (including self-assessment, account limits, how to self-exclude (both with ourselves and others) can be found here. 

This section outlines the main account tools we offer to you to limit play and the self-exclusion options for our UK and Non-UK Customers have open to them should you make a conscious choice to self-exclude.

10.2    Player Account Tools

We offer the following tools to you where you have general concerns about monies spent, amounts wagered, funds lost, or the affordability or duration of your play or sessions on our Site. 

These options are made available to you, but do require positive action on you part to customise them appropriately within your online account (such as daily deposit limits), or to take heed of, and not to disregard them during play (for example, timers and reality checks) if you have any such concerns. We cannot be held responsible for any failure on your part to do so. 

The player account tools we make available to you are as follows:-

10.2.1    Deposit Limits – whereby you can customise the maximum amount you wish to deposit within any daily, weekly or monthly period;

10.2.2    Wagering Limits – whereby you can customise the maximum amount you wish to wager within any hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly period;

10.2.3    Loss Limits – whereby you can customise the maximum amount you are comfortable with losing within any hourly, daily, weekly or monthly period;

10.2.4    Session Limits – whereby you can customise the amount of time for any gaming session at 5, 10, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 120minutes;

10.2.5    “Reality” Check – whereby you can customise the amount of time for any alert in any gaming session at 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 or 240 minutes;

10.2.6    Max single bet limit – whereby you can customise the amount you wish to wager on any single bet;

10.2.7    Timeouts – whereby you can customise the amount of time you spend away from gaming (from 24 hours through to 6 weeks)

10.3    These tools are intended as a helpful means to guide your own informed play and are not “set in stone”. Thus it is possible for you to revise (or dis-apply) your deposit, wagering and loss limits at any time via the “My Account” function in your player account, or to request an (upwards or downwards) adjustment to your own set limits by contacting our chat team and asking them to do so. Requests for a lowering of your set limits will be actioned on receipt. Any Customer request for upwards adjustment (or disapplication) to/of player set limits will take a minimum of 24 hours before being implemented.  For the new limit to come into effect, the customer will be presented with a pop-up notification confirming their requested changes which they will need to review and accept.

10.4    Timeouts 

We also offer timeouts to our customers outlined above. During the period of any selected time-out you will not be permitted access to our Site and agree that you shall not seek to obtain access by any other means. 

Upon expiry of your time out period your access to our Site will be automatically re-instated. 

Should you have concerns about your gambling you agree to utilise appropriate tools to control same on our site and/or to effect self-exclusion with us. You acknowledge and confirm that time-out is offered as a courtesy to players who wish to take time off from gambling (for various reasons) and not as an alternative to self-exclusion itself.

10.5    Self-Exclusion 

If you wish to self-exclude from our Site, then you may do so by accessing the ‘Gambling Limits’ page of your account or by notifying our support team via live chat or on and letting them know that you wish to do so.

For Non-UK Customers we will effect a self-exclusion from our Site for such period as you may specify in your request or, where requested, for an indefinite period of time.

For UK Customers self-exclusion from our Site is for a minimum period of six months during which you will not (knowingly) be permitted access to our Site.

All requests for a lifting of self-exclusion are subject to a cooling off period of 24 hours before any self-exclusion may be lifted. The only exception to this will be Non-UK Customers who have requested an indefinite period of self-exclusion – a seven (7) day cooling off period shall apply to those customers.

Notwithstanding the expiry of any stipulated or minimum self-exclusion period and/or any request for re-admission please note that we are not obliged to re-admit you to our Site.

For UK Customers, if we don’t hear from you after the expiry of your self-exclusion period then your self-exclusion will remain in effect. You can still contact us during that period and ask for re-admittance, but a 24 hour cooling off period would still then apply.

For Non-UK Customers who have requested self-exclusion for a definite period of time, your self-exclusion will be removed upon expiry of the set duration, but you will be unable to make deposits on your account until a telephone interaction has taken place with a member of our support team. Following this interaction, if both parties are happy for your account to be re-activated, a 24-hour cooling off period will likewise apply. 

Gamstop – UK Customers only

We also participate in the UK Gambling industry’s “Gamstop” scheme.

That scheme enables players to make their own self-exclusion with the third party that runs the Gamstop scheme which is then upheld by all participating members, including ourselves, subject to the rules of the scheme itself. Note in particular, that Gamstop’s rules typically require that you as player (i) actually complete registration onto that scheme; and (ii) further require that you do not attempt to circumvent the registration held (for example, by  providing different / false personal details to casino operator members (which include ourselves) to gain access to gaming services.

Further details on that third party’s process can be found here.

Site Blockers

It is also possible to configure your own computers and devices so as to seek to prevent access to gambling websites by downloading third party software products such as “Gamblock”; “Betfilter”; “Gamban” or “Net Nanny”. 

Those products are not provided by or otherwise endorsed by us and we do not take (nor do we assume) any liabilities, costs, claims or losses in relation to the operation, non-operation, or any failure of, these third party products. 


Our social responsibility page also outlines where you might seek further help and assistance should you require it and wish to avail of it, including the details of “Gamcare” a UK charity which provides counselling and advice in respect of problem gambling to Customers. We make those details available to you so you might know where to seek further help and assistance, if required, but not as a recommendation. We do not and cannot be held responsible, nor liable for any decision on your part to avail (or not to avail) of any such independent third-party service, which is and remains a matter for you alone.

Further Info

If you require further information relating to social responsibility or our own self-exclusion process, please contact our Customer Support team at Or visit our social responsibility pages here.

Non-UK Customers

Individuals in need can contact the Responsible Gaming Foundation Helpline either through its freephone 1777 or through a chat facility which can be easily accessed through the Responsible Gaming Foundation’s website Callers can choose to remain anonymous and any obtained information will be treated confidential.

For customers resident in Malta, Sedqa, the national agency against dependencies, offers health promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation services to persons with drug, alcohol, and/or compulsive gambling problems, and to their families. Sedqa offer care services that give support to individuals or family members of those who have a problem with gambling. Supportline 179 is the national helpline offering support and information on numerous subjects including gambling problems and is available to all local and foreign citizens residing in Malta.

10.6    Effect of Self-Exclusion (UK and Non-UK based players) 

Upon any self-exclusion coming into effect we will close your account and return any outstanding balance to you. Any bets or wagers placed prior to your self-exclusion shall remain valid and we will forward any winnings (if any) to you after any relevant event or bet has been concluded.

10.7    Further Information about Responsible Gambling

If you have any concerns about the extent to which your use of our Site has ceased to be a fun or affordable experience for you, then please click on our social responsibility page here for more information or visit Gambleaware here for more information.


11. Data and Privacy

11.1    When you sign-up with us we will collect your name, address and contact details. We will also collect further personal information from or about you as you use our Site (for example, bank statements / proof of funds for verification purposes). Where you are can be personally identified from the information we collect, compile or process then this information constitutes your “personal data” under applicable data protection laws.

11.2    Our privacy policy (which can be found here) explains:-

11.2.1    the types of personal data we collect about you;

11.2.2    when we collect it;

11.2.3    who we get it from;

11.2.4    why and on what legal basis we process it;

11.2.5    who we may share it with; and

11.2.6    and what your rights are (and aren’t) in respect of it, including how to make a data subject access request, should you wish to do so.

11.3    You are referred to our privacy policy for further details and strongly encouraged to read it (at very least in outline form). Nonetheless, you confirm that use of our Site amounts to your full and binding acceptance of our privacy policy.


12. Player Liability

12.1   You participate in gaming on our Site at your own risk and cost.

12.2   Our Site is provided “as is” and (to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws) without assurances of any kind, in particular, we do not assure you that our Site (or its content) is or will be available, nor error or virus free.

12.3    You agree to fulfil all commitments made on your player account and agree that we may legitimately withhold, adjust, or set-off player balances, payments on/to/or from your account in the event that you do not do so. 

12.4    We and our officers, directors, staff and contractors (including our group companies where and if applicable) will (to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws) not be liable to you for any loss, damage, or legal claim(s) ,whether in contract, tort (including negligence) breach of statutory or regulatory duties, or otherwise, which arise from or are connected to:-

12.4.1    technical or system malfunction on our Site (including loss of Site availability, or erroneous, incorrect, or faulty gaming result). Where this occurs, we may choose to put you back in the position you would have been in had that fault not occurred (e.g. return your stake only); and/or

12.4.2    any indirect losses, arising from your use of our Site including:-         loss of profit or goodwill;         loss of amenity;         disappointment and/or loss of any expected benefit;    ancillary sums expended in expectation of, or further to, gaming result or event outcome; and/or         any, travel, transport, accommodation or other ancillary costs; and/or.

12.4.3    any losses arising from your own failure to effectively utilise player account tools or to effect a self-exclusion from our Site or to notify us of a problem gambling issue (but only to the extent that  we ourselves are not otherwise at fault in this regard).

12.5   Without limiting the generality of the foregoing you agree (to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws) to indemnify us (make a legally enforceable promise to pay us upon request) for  any and all losses, liabilities, costs, claims or damages that we and our officers directors employees or contractors may suffer or incur as a consequence of your use of our Site and/or use of our gaming services.

12.6    You agree (to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws) that in the event of dispute as to any of your wager(s) on our Site that our maximum liability to You is and will be limited to the amount of any qualifying stake(s) in issue between us (where applicable laws permit)..

12.7    The above shall not act to exclude and limit our liability where it would be unlawful to do so. Thus, we do not exclude our liability for death or personal injury caused by our own negligence to our UK Customers, for example.

12.8    Our Site is made available to you (and others) on the basis of the core limitations (above) which you are taken to accept upon login or play. If you do not accept the above, then do not register upon or use our Site. 


13. Termination

13.1   Access to our Site is given to you subject to your ongoing compliance with these Player Terms. 

As a consequence where we know or otherwise suspect that you have breached them (or some other legal or regulatory consideration applies, for example; money laundering, fraud or other criminality), or where your play might indicate an undisclosed gambling problem, or where you are or become bankrupt, then:-

13.1.1    We may refuse registration for an account with us;

13.1.2    We may bar, suspend, or close any player account on our Site;

13.1.3    We may “stop”  “hold” or cancel any transaction on your account (and, where legal or regulatory considerations apply, for example money laundering) make appropriate report to applicable authorities;

13.1.4    We may cancel, adjust, void, or nullify any ongoing wagers and/or return applicable stakes;

13.1.5    We may treat you to all intents and purposes as self-excluded or barred from our Site either on a permanent or temporary basis (where we have any responsible gambling concerns, or where the verification provided to us does not reasonably  support the level of your play);

13.1.6    We may elect to bar you from accessing our Site where a request for any lifting of self-exclusion is received (notwithstanding that any self-exclusion (whether with ourselves or an industry scheme) has been validly dis-applied)

13.2   Our decision as regards any and all such matters is and will be final and we will not enter into protracted correspondence with you in relation to any such decision. The foregoing does not however, affect your statutory rights, right to raise a complaint with us, or to complain to our regulator at any time.


14. Intellectual Property

14.1   We are the owner and/or licensee of (without limitation) all copyright, trademarks, designs, text, photographs, videos, images and graphics, code, database, design, and all other intellectual property rights on our Site including any mobile or other version of it (the “Site Content”). Those rights are protected by appropriate registrations and applicable laws and treaties.

14.2   Our players are granted a simple limited and revocable licence to access the games on our Site for the purposes of playing them (only) and for no other purpose whatsoever and in object code form only. That licence is fully conditioned upon your ongoing compliance with these Player Terms and conditions and subsists for so long as you are permitted access to our Site, whereafter it automatically ends. No other rights whether, express or implied, are or will be granted to you.

14.3    You agree that you shall not, copy, adapt, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify, use, or interfere with, “hack” or otherwise seek to compromise the Site Content (and any related software game or data) or otherwise link to it. You confirm that any attempt to do so shall be considered a serious breach of this agreement between us justifying immediate termination and closure of your account and/or such other action (including but not limited to legal action) as we may see fit.

14.4    Certain games on our site may additionally be subject to an end user licence agreement imposed by the originating provider of those games or software on our Site for use or download of those games or software. Where additional terms apply, we will make these accessible to you. You confirm, however, that you will comply with and be bound by any such terms.


15. General

15.1   If any court or competent authority finds that any provision (or part provision) of these Player Terms is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed deleted and the validity or enforceability of any other provisions of the Player Terms shall to the extent required be deemed to be deleted, and the validity and enforceability of any other provisions of this agreement shall not be affected.

15.2    The Player Terms are between you and us. We may transfer or assign our obligations to you under these terms (for example to another of our companies or to third party companies in the event of business sale), but you cannot.

15.3    The Player Terms (as amended from time to time) amount to the entire agreement between us with respect to the Site.

15.4    We are located in and governed by the laws of Malta. You agree therefore that these Player Terms shall be governed by the laws of Malta and that each of us shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Maltese courts.