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Perfect Pairs is a Blackjack side bet found in casinos all over the world.

To win on Perfect Pairs, the first two cards that are dealt to you, have to be a pair.

  1. A Player may place a Perfect Pairs bet on any box at which the Player has placed a Blackjack wager.
  2. A Perfect Pairs bet must be placed before any cards have been dealt.
  3. A Perfect Pairs bet wins if the first two cards dealt to the Player are a pair.
  4. A Perfect Pairs bet loses if the first two cards dealt to the Player are not a pair.
  5. After each Player has been dealt their first two cards, the Dealer will take all losing Perfect Pairs bets and make a payout to each Player who has won.
  6. The Dealer then goes on to deal with each Player in the usual way for Blackjack.

Perfect Pairs is fast and easy to play and enhances your enjoyment of Blackjack.

There are three kinds of pairs and the payout odds vary accordingly for each one:

Pair Types

The three pair types are described as follows:

Perfect Pair An identical pair.

4 Decks Pays: 30 to 1 6 Decks Pays: 30 to 1

Coloured Pair A pair that is made up of two cards that are different suits, with both cards being either red suited cards or black suited cards. 4 Decks Pays: 12 to 1 6 Decks Pays: 10 to 1

Mixed Pair A pair that is made up of one red suited card and one black suited card.

4 Decks Pays: 5 to 1 6 Decks Pays: 5 to 1

House Edge Pay Table 1 (recommended 4 decks) 6.76% Pay Table 2 (recommended 6 decks) 5.79%

(Pay Table 1 with 6 decks) 1.93% (Pay Table 2 with 4 decks) 10.63%

If only minimum odds used: 4 Decks: 11.59% 6 Decks: 13.83%

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